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All About Makeup Sealers and Setting Sprays, Part Two

In part 1 of this blog on makeup sealers I mentioned that water/acrylic formulations are the best to use for sensitive skin types, and help minimize any obvious texture or sheen-like finish.  This is also true of skins that are dry, as some alcohol based sealers have a slight luster finish.  You don’t want any sealer on dry skin look like it is sitting on top of the makeup rather than blending naturally into it.

Some great water based sealers with durable wear are the Blue Aqua Sealer, by REEL Creations, and Blue Marble SeLr.   Another sealer I like is Hi-Def Matting Spray, by Premiere Products, because it leaves an invisible matte finish that is not detectable in camera.  Water based sealers are easily removable with just makeup wipes, like Comodynes.

The alcohol/acrylic based sealers are the strongest and most waterproof sealers you can use, and that needs little or no re-application.  They form a very thin yet durable film for all day wear, and won’t easily get absorbed out by makeup.  They are the go to product if you need to seal the makeup for climate conditions such as heat or humidity, or for makeup that is exposed to moisture.  They also give a durable and completely rub-proof finish to makeup so it doesn’t transfer makeup onto skin or costuming.

It is best to apply alcohol/acrylic based sealers in very thin layers to build the coverage as needed, but be very careful as it will look obvious if overdone.  You want to avoid a “coated” look to the makeup, so sometimes it’s best to use a low pressure airbrush to better control the sealer application.  Alcohol based sealers are also great to use as a rub-proof finish over temporary tattoo applications, or to seal camouflaging products over a tattoo.   Powdering over a sealer finish also seems to make them even more rub and waterproof.

Alcohol/acrylic based sealers require soap and water removal or using a makeup remover like Graftobian’s Creamy Clean.  They will need a bit more remover to lift completely clean off the skin if you have applied layers that result in heavy coverage.

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