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All the Flutter about Eyelash Extensions

> It seems that every red carpet event these days is also a walking celebrity advertisement for full, lush looking glamorous eyelashes. Semi-permanent lash applications, better known as lash extensions, are fast becoming one of the most requested beauty services and makeup artists are adding this skill to their service offerings, especially for brides. Eyelash extensions are a fabulous way for the average person to bring a little more drama to their eyes that will enhance their overall features for a more glamorous look.

What is it about eyelash extensions that have become all the rage? For one thing you can have long naturally looking lashes that feel weightless and look simply beautiful 24/7, and with little need for mascara. The eyelash extension technique was created in Asia and its popularity quickly made its way West. Now there are so many eyelash extension companies that have sprung up to cash in on the craze that it makes it a little more difficult to find the right training that results in good technique with quality materials. However there are a couple of very reputable companies out there that have solid and stringent requirements for certifying artists in the procedure.

Traditional false eyelashes are applied by a strip and glued directly under the lid table. Individual false lashes are knotted clusters and placed between the lashes with glue. The problem with both of these methods is that if the strip or cluster lash is done incorrectly they are very noticeable to the eye. What’s worse is that the strip and knotted cluster is easily seen on an actor in HDTV, and if too much glue is used then it becomes very distracting and you lose the original intent of lash enhancement.

Eyelash extensions solve the problem for actors working in HD because these are applied directly to the individual lash one by one for a natural look and feel. They provide customized length and volume to the natural lash for a full and lush look that sometimes doesn’t require additional enhancement from mascara. A good application is seamless to the eye, and the wearer should not even be aware of them if they have been properly applied. Brides simply love the look in their videos and photographs. What woman doesn’t love to look glamorous for that special occasion, or have beautiful looking lashes just for every day wear?

Eyelash extensions can last 8 weeks or more, depending on how they are cared for. A good application is applied with an adhesive that is soft and flexible and moves naturally with the lash. Because the extension is bonded to each lash individually, they will naturally fall out when the lash reaches its natural shedding stage. Extensions do require maintenance to keep continuity in the look. You will require a touch-up every two to three weeks to replace any lashes that have fallen out so it will blend with new growth coming in.

Eyelash extensions are a time and money investment that requires upkeep, and you need to consider those factors if you decide to wear them. It can take up to two hours to have the initial full set done, and they need to be kept on a regular basis to maintain the look. A very small number of people may be allergic to the glue so if you think you may be one of them I would recommend you pay for a trial attachment of a couple of lashes on each eye and see how it works for you. If you have sensitive eyes to begin with then eyelash extensions are probably not for you. Contact lens wearers should also use extreme caution.

Above all, make sure you have your extensions done by a well trained artist that has been company certified in the proper application technique with high quality materials. Do your research to find the best value and the best trained. Compare prices, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to ask the artist to provide a list of satisfied customers. If you know people who have had them done and are very happy with the process get referrals from them and check them out. It’s most important that you find someone that you can trust, and has a good reputation for excellent service and sanitary procedures.

I have done extensive research into companies that provide eyelash extension training and there is so much hyperbole from many of them that you just have to gloss over that and look for answers to the really important questions. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities are endorsing a particular company, it matters far more about the standards of training, the most up to date knowledge provided, high quality materials, and sanitation procedures. This is why I chose Shavasana Eyelash Extensions for training artists at our studio because of their high quality standards in materials and procedures, and their nationally established reputation.

And finally, for those who just can’t afford the cost and maintenance of eyelash extension but looking for a more cost effective way to boost lash length and volume, I strongly suggest Fast Lash by Japonesque. This is a dry white polyester fiber that is used in combination with your mascara application. It works on any length or condition of eyelash to lengthen and thicken in minutes. It comes off easily with the regular removal of your mascara. It’s not recommended for sensitive eyes or extended contact lens wearers, but I recommend Natural Born Cosmetics™ Hi-Define Volumizing Eye Lash Primer and Conditioner as an alternative as it really does a great job of boosting the length and volume of your mascara application.

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