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Bridal Beauty Season, Part 2

> To put it simply a wedding is a “stage production” starring the bride along with her supporting cast of bridesmaids and ushers. She will be under the scrutiny of a live audience (and frequently close-up) while being captured by video and still photography for nearly 8 hours or more. Hiring a makeup artist to help design and carry forward her most beautiful features will be one of the best financial investments she can make for her wedding preparations. Professional beauty advice is priceless compared to the overall cost of the nuptial event, and the forever after memories frozen in the wedding photo album and DVD.

The great thing about finding a good professional artist to work with is the double bang for the buck. Not only can they work magic with makeup but they understand the functions and issues with the “live” canvas they work on. Good skin care mechanics is part of a makeup artist’s fundamental knowledge tool set and brides should always take advantage of that. Skin typing for makeup selections requires an understanding of skin texture and condition, which can lead to a good discussion about product recommendations to incorporate for a more nurturing skin care program.

I consider optimal skin maintenance a critical part of my bridal services which is why I begin every consultation at that level. Many times I find that my bridal clients are still using the same routine they started with in high school. They don’t really understand how their skin changes as they mature, and 9 times out of 10 they are using overly aggressive skin care products and methods that are causing more problems than they can control. Brides are generally experiencing a lot of stress in their lives during this time and it often shows up in their faces. This is another important reason to help them optimize their skin care program to minimize the use of overly invasive or unnecessary products. It will go a long way to improve their skin texture for a smoother complexion, which is so important for under scrutiny of the HD cameras on the big day.

Part 2 of Bridal Beauty Season Tips offers some guidelines that will help showcase every bride’s most unique feature, her eyes. Beautiful eyes that project from a smooth looking complexion are the result of the right combination of foundation products and a properly chosen color palette.

1. Brides should always begin every makeup session with eye drops to clear out any redness and brighten the sclera or white part of the eye for the clearest looking natural eye color.

2. Pale complexions should avoid choosing vibrant or overly bright colors because they tend to be overpowering in photographs.

3. Olive undertone complexions should avoid gray, charcoal, and dark brown shades as they tend to pull down the “sparkle and brightness” in the eyes.

4. Avoid using any mauve, burgundy, or any kind of red shade of eye shadows. These colors end up looking like a bruised eye in photographs.

5. Avoid using “neutralizing” colors in the eye area for discolorations and hyper pigmentation as it can cause a grayish or muddy looking result that is immediately picked up in camera. Stick with high pigmented opaque concealers applied very thinly. Keromask is a “Red Carpet” celebrity favorite and the go-to concealer for pro makeup artists because it always produces fantastic looking results.

6. Concealer should match the skin tone and have good opacity results. Never apply it lighter or you will photograph with “raccoon” looking eyes in your pictures.

7. Always use matte texture eye shadows. Iridescent shadows tend to crease and fade and the reflective nature of these shadows don’t give eyes a good contrasting depth, especially for photographs. Natural Born Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palettes are perfectly edited in warm, neutral or cool color groups that are easy to use and provide long lasting wear.

8. Use a bone, toast, or off-white color shadow on the brow bone area to give eyes soft drama contrast and depth. Darker skin tones should use a highlighter with more of a pink beige or peach brown tone. This captures light to further frame and enhances the beauty of eyes, and sets off the overall color harmony.

9. If you wear false eyelashes: use a heated eyelash curler, such as the Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curler, to gently shape your own lashes first. Apply false lashes and use the heated lash curler again to blend them together.

10. Two coats of waterproof mascara is a must! Natural Born Cosmetics Indelible Lash Waterproof Mascara is extreme staying power, and a top bridal favorite.

11. Blend, blend, and blend again! Good blending is the secret to the most natural looking “frame” for the eyes and will help set them off. The HD camera will pick up and magnify any hard edges.

12. Using an eye priming product, like Cinema Secrets Eye Primer is the secret weapon that will smooth out the lid for optimal shadow application, and provide long lasting results from your eyeshadow application with a truer color payoff.

13. Avoid using eye contour and eyeliner colors that are too intense (such as black or dark brown) for the natural eye color. It will overpower your eyes and lose the contrasting effect.

14. To get longer and lush looking eyelashes without resorting to false eyelashes, use a fabulous eyelash thickening and lenghtening product to prime the lashes before you apply mascara, such as Natural Born Cosmetics Hi-Define Volumizing Eye Lash Primer and Conditioner.

Following these simple tips will ensure a classic timeless look every bride will look fabulous in!

2 comments to Bridal Beauty Season, Part 2

  • Kim

    I just took a special class Suzanne offered at her brand new beautiful studio and it was invaluable!!! The class was Bridal Hair/Updo’s for Makeup Artists and I came away learning at least 6 basic bridal looks, endless tips and secrets and the confidence to now build my bridal business by adding hairstyling to my services! I recommend this class to anyone who just as I did, offered light hair styling!!! Thank you so much Suzanne!!

  • Keshua H.

    It was a pleasure meeting you on Sunday. I can’t say enough how much I really enjoyed the bridal hair class. You were so thorough and so giving. Your technique was dead on and that made the class even more fun. Looking forward to learning much more from you! Thank you!

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